About Us

Minted Box are a team of expert software developers offering clients web interface design, bespoke development of web technologies and complex integrations.

MK Brand are a renowned internal communications agency helping with strategy, design and implementation when clients want to improve communication with their employees.

Together Minted Box and MK Brand have become a united team to offer our clients even more services.


Iain Bell

Managing Director

Taking interesting and complex projects from a huge range of industries, Iain uses his extensive business knowledge to identify the most efficient way to meet customers needs. 

Translating that into a brief for the development team to work their magic, Iain loves the new challenges that our clients bring.

James new

James Alvarez

Director of Development

James is the architect for larger projects giving us a powerful, stable and secure code-base to work from.

He's a keen botanist, bat rescuer, dormouse surveyor and general wildlifey person.  Also he's a qualified tree surgeon and electrician, because you know... Why not?

Sarah headshot

Sarah Commans

Designer & Account Exec.

Sarah is our UI/UX designer, on a mission to make web processes as beautiful as they are functional and user-driven.

A lover of all four-legged furry friends, cups of tea, spending an evening with a book and she's what they call a 'people person'.

Charlie v2

Charlie Smith

Senior PHP Developer

A self proclaimed tech nerd, Charlie is our Senior PHP Developer; using his skills to design and develop the wizardry behind our customers' websites and apps.

In his spare time, he is an avid rock climber, motorcyclist and all round lover of anything adventurous. When he's not trying to get his heart pumping, Charlie also enjoys walks with his dog and playing video games or board games with his friends.

Gioia Ciampalini

Front End Developer

Gioia has previously worked in various web development roles in Italy and speaks 4 languages, Italian, French, Spanish and English. 

She is also a keen runner and musician, taking part in half-marathons and playing the piano. Although not at the same time!

Leo headshot

Leo Full

Support engineer

With a background in customer service and support, Leo just loves to help.

When not solving problems and closing tickets Leo can either be found by his pond admiring his majestic Coi carp or whacking a ball furiously against the wall of a squash court.


Kevin Davies

Design Director

Illustrator, photographer, graphic and product designer - creativity is in Kevin's DNA.

From his first box of Lego to designing in the digital world, the challenge of finding new creative solutions is as exciting now as it was "!^*?" years ago.


Paulleet Marazzi

Creative Director


Kelly Pointer


With natural design flair, superb organisational skills and an innate ability to multi-task, delivering complex creative challenges is Kelly's forté.

Emma new

Emma Pinner

Animator & Videographer

Emma, our Animator and Videographer, brings creativity to every project she touches. With a passion for design, Emma crafts captivating visuals and animations that breathe life into our clients' visions.

When she's not bringing ideas to life on screen, you can find Emma exploring the great outdoors. With a love for adventure and a knack for bringing imagination to reality, Emma is one of the driving forces behind our visual narratives.


Stef Manning


Stef joins the team full of fresh creative ideas and energy.

Instantly at home designing in the graphic and digital worlds, Stef equally loves exploring the rest of the world, experiencing new cultures, their fashion and their food.