Want to freshen up your digital presence through exciting design?
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Website Design & Build

We'll start with your vision & long-term goals

Being driven by your business goals and target audience, we determine the most economical way to reach them. Whether that involves starting from scratch and incorporating a brand update, or evolving an existing site, we work to make sure the outcome boosts your company's presence and strengthens your reputation.


Good design is everything

Good design is not simply 'sprucing'. Our purpose is to give your customers the best possible user-experience whilst they're interacting with your business or product. That's why our web architecture is user-focused, and why we place such importance on scheduling collaborative reviews and user-testing. You know your customers better than anyone and we at Minted Box want to harness the power of that knowledge.

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Manage your new site using our intuitive MINT CMS

Once we've designed and built your website, you'll be able to maintain and update it with ease; without the need to know how to code. 


Our MINT management system is complete with a rich text editor which enables you to modify the text by adding links, converting to headers, and making lists. Add slideshows, images, videos and lock down elements of the pages with ease. Build new pages in minutes, drag and drop to reorder pages and control which pages are live. 

See the newest features and find out more about our CMS system.