How to captivate with copy on your website!

28 Oct 2020
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Website copy, what does it mean?

Think about it like a virtual tour around your website, writing 'copy' is the core text. It is all about the narrative you create that navigates your customers around your website, telling them about your brand, purpose and most important of all, what you can do for them.


So, what are our top tips?

  • Keep it short and sweet. You want to entice people to get in touch or interact further with your company, so whet the appetite but don't feel pressure to tell the whole story.

  • Get keywords into titles and on the main pages. These keywords are the sorts of things your potential customers would type into a search engine to try and find a business or organisation like yours. People don't read, they scan; so make sure you make it as easy as possible for them to spot the words they're looking for and find out what you're about.

  • Go easy on the jargon, and if used, make sure to break it down with a simple description.
  • Keep it original and fresh. Search engines love original content that is refreshed often. Your choice of words can show off your best side, the latest things you've been getting up to as a company and your proudest accomplishments. Be sure to dedicate enough time a month to reviewing your website copy. Ask yourself if it accurately represents the latest version of your brand.

  • And finally ... add your personality! The tone of voice you've identified as a brand can be carried through effectively with written language. It's a great opportunity to speak to your audience in a way that fits your ethos, and leave the right impression.

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