Virtual FUN-draising with Ema Giving!

2 Sep 2020
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We understand the current pandemic has put a huge strain on businesses, especially charities and hospices that rely on donations and fundraising events to continue with the amazing work they do. Ema was created to bring the prospect of virtual fundraising to life online, and it is effective to use now more than ever!

So who is Ema?

It's not a question of whom, but what!


A new and exciting way to fundraise! Ema Giving is an online virtual fundraising platform, packed with creative, vibrant and engaging designs to interact with potential donors and encourage them to give towards your campaign.

What does Ema offer?

Relevant and creative designs and imagery

You have a huge scope of choice with Ema Giving. Whether you need a starry-sky to fill with twinkling stars or a meadow to fill with vibrant flowers, you can choose exactly how your donors can show their support. Just share your ideas and vision with us, however 'out of the box' they may be, and we will do the rest!

Donations are represented by an interactive marker on screen, with an image and heartfelt message alongside. This makes every campaign personal and powerful, giving the donor a sense of fulfilment when they show their support.


Easy sharing of donations with friends and family

One of the great features of Ema is that when donors share their donation, their own message stays at the top of the donations board. This helps to keep the message personal and encourages the people they share with to donate as well.


Insightful stats & patterns of donors

See when donors are most active, by the hour, day and week. See how much is donated per donor and by postcode or region. Tie this in with your marketing activity to improve your campaign success.

You can even have more than one campaign running at once and track your donations to see how close you are to reaching your goal.


Safe and secure payments

The platform supports a huge range of payment gateways. If you'd prefer to use your existing payment gateway for donations, just let us know and we'll make the connection possible.


How has Ema Giving helped charities and organisations to survive and thrive throughout the pandemic?

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, thousands of physical events that would normally provide an opportunity for vital fundraising and donations were cancelled. In response, fundraising has had to be brought to life online in a very practical and sensical way.


The highly flexible and cost-effective Ema fundraising platform provides a covid-friendly touchpoint between organisations and their supporters. But more than that, this touchpoint is recognisable as coming from that charity or organisation, can be customised to effectively replace a physical event and encourages more people to donate and share.

Don't just take our word for it! Here are some words from the Hospices we've worked with to ensure they get the support they need to continue their important work.

"We are really pleased with the Light up a Life Night Sky that Minted Box have created for us. It gives the event an alternative platform for dedications and allows us to engage with an audience that we may not have reached previously."


Beth Shutt

East Lancashire Hospice


"Working with Minted Box has been an absolute dream project, in particular James who has been fantastic to work with."


Nadine Campbell

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice


"Using EMA for our campaigns has given us full access to the on-going statistics, which allows us to monitor the progress of the campaign much quicker than previous systems. It's been customised to us to ensure we get the best out the system, easy to use and fits in well with our Festival of Light campaign."


Stacey Bolter
St Luke's Hospice

Minted Box is the brain behind Ema. We created the platform to be easily accessible and usable for anyone. You can personalise your campaign as far as you need and if you have any questions, we are here with you every step of the way!

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