New Settings Features

We've added these features to make your life easier.
Click on a feature to find out more about it.

Support for GA, GTAG and GTM tracking

Google analytics has many ways of being deployed depending on how you have it setup, we now cover off all these ways to make sure you can integrate it with your tracking workflow.

Support for Facebook pixel tracking

Although Google analytics is more common, Facebook also does tracking and is gaining in popularity. We now support it natively.

Cache cycling

After we make a change on your site it can sometimes require you or your users to clear your cache to see it, as your browser "remembers" how it was before. Now we can clear the cache remotely, ensuring everyone sees the site how you want to.

Favicon setting

Want to change your favicon? Before you had to go through us, now you can do it yourself.

Linkable functions

Sometimes a link goes to a page, sometimes to an external website, but sometimes you need it to do something like launch a pop-up. Now you can add these links without having to go through support.