New Media Manager Features

We've added these features to make your life easier.
Click on a feature to find out more about it.

Advanced media editor

The new design gives each media item its own window with a wealth of information.

Image size checks and tools to resize

The bigger the images, the slower the web page will load.  This tool lets you know when the image seems a bit on the large size.

Media usage checking

Not sure which image you used where, now you can find out where an image is being used on the website.

Unused media section

This allows you to better keep track of what you are using and what you are not using. Keeping media manager clean and tidy makes it quicker and easier to find the media you really need.

Better handling of non image media

With increased use of non-image media, such as PDFs and audio, we now support them better and include in-situ previews within the media manager.

Quicker loading

We've changed how we load the media manager in, resulting in much quicker loading times, particularly for those with an extensive media library.