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The brief

Lionheart had an existing website using ThankQ's donation portal. They wanted a redesign of the entire site, a rationalisation of content and a neater way to handle event bookings.


More recently they have switched to using Microsoft Azure based CRM which we've integrated with successfully. 


What we did

We had a full design created which we implemented in our MINTcms. Donation, pledge and event bookings were directly integrated with the website using the ThankQ API. We also developed templates to control access to certain pieces of information based on membership level.


With Lionheart's decision to move from ThankQ to an Azure based CRM, we redeveloped the integration to use the Azure API rather than the ThankQ API. 


What this achieved

With the donations and events now directly integrated with the website, the user experience and user journey is far simpler, resulting in fewer drop-offs.