An engaging fundraising platform that involves supporters with exciting ideas to ensure your fundraising campaigns are visible to the local and wider community, and most importantly provide a simple way to gain donations on any device.     

Our digital fundraising platform for hospices and charities that makes gaining donations consistent, accessible and highly shareable way.

Ema engages supporters with unique special dedications in the form of exciting images of your choice. Choose to add a star in a night sky, plant a flower in the memory meadow or any other image that suits your campaign. Donations are created with an image and heartfelt message alongside for easy sharing.. 

Campaign Manager
Run multiple campaigns with different images and desired outcomes. Set them as dedication style, target style or as a continuously running campaign.  Switch them on and off as you wish or set active times. 

Donors can quickly and easily share their donation with friends, family and colleagues, increasing the reach of the campaign and hopefully raise more money for your cause. Donors are ‘featured’ on the page when they share their donation with friends, improving visibility.

See when donors are most active, by the hour, day and week. See how much is donated per donor, by postcode or region.

Graphic of person inside bubble with multiple branching bubbles
The platform will take donations via Stripe on your behalf and we’ll pass the money directly to you less the card charges and our fees (4%).

If you’d prefer to use your existing payment gateway for donations, just let us know and we’ll make the connection possible.    

Customised for you
Prefer a more tailor-made theme to reflect your Hospice or campaign? Not a problem, we offer a design service where we design a bespoke background just for you.

Contact us here or call our team on 01483 685 600 to discuss how Ema can help your fundraising activities for this year.