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The best calendar system you'll ever use. Built into MINThub to make life easier for busy administrators.




Saving teachers time every day. A brilliant seating planner with hassle free access to the student data you need.



Save time

Take a room, a lesson, some students and create a layout template with ease. All the desired academic and pastoral data is displayed alongside the individual's name and picture..

Instant information

Fast access to the all the crucial information needed in every class. Pupil Premium, SEN, grades, targets and more, and all on one screen.

One system

No more seating plans on bits of paper, in spreadsheets or worse still, nowhere at all! MINTclass at your school ensures everyone uses the same system across all classrooms.


Freshen up your calendars

MINTcal is easy and intuitive to use and doesn't rely on signing up with an email company or buying expensive office software.

It keeps the administration of your calendars in one place and lets you share calendars with selected groups, keeping complete control of timetables, plans, schedules, diaries and more.

Add calendars to your website for public access, or in a members' area for staff, students and other users.

Fully supported by our development team, MINTcal makes it easy to keep accurate calendars that keep your organisation running smoothly.